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Asian spirit

—  In this photography series, you will discover another side of my photography art. Since a decade now, my dad lives in Singapore and since 5 years, my sister is in Sydney. As we are a globe trotteur family, we travelled a lot together to explore to explore a lot of asian countries such as Burma, South Korean, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Bali.

This series showcases my favorite images taken between 2010 and 2019. Asia is indescribable, you have to feel it. Each country has its own rules, culture, colours, smell and food. Everywhere you go people are very welcoming and you discover a new dimension of their culture. But, I did my best to capture this world so I hope you will enjoy the images.

Fine art photography of an orange koi fish attracted by a white feather. Image by Jennifer Esseiva.
« The Fish and the Feather »

Long exposure photography of koi fishes moving in a pond. Image by Jennifer Esseiva.
« Dancing Fishes »

Close-up photography of a temple bell under the rain in Koh Samui, Thailand.
« The Bell »

Aerial photography of Bagan, the city of a thousand pagodas in Burma. Image by Jennifer Esseiva.
« The Golden Morning »

« Praying »

Night portrait of a man waiting in the streets of Seoul in South Korea.
« An Anonymous Man in Seoul »

Black and white photography of the back of a restaurant in Seoul. Image by Jennifer Esseiva.
« Food in Seoul »

Photography of the hanbok shoes worn by a korean girl in 
Changgyeonggung Palace in South Korea.
« hanbok shoes »

« The Girl and the Snake » & « Praying woman in Lantau »

Grand pa and his grand child sit at the entrance of their home looking at the street, in Bali.
« Grand Pa and Grand Child »