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Colours of Italy

—  Italy is a colourful country that offers all kinds of hues. This is what caught my eye when I arrived in this country and what I wanted to capture in this series of photographs, taken on the Cilento coast, the Amalfi coast and in Portofino. I wanted to play with the colours, but also with the planes to give depth effects and create images that are similar to paintings.

View over the village of Positano located on the Amalfi Coast.

A house on the Cilento Coast covered with purple flowers photographed by the Swiss artist, Jennifer Esseiva.

Photograph taken under the porch of a yellow church in Italy captured by travel photographer, Jennifer Esseiva.

View over the turquoise sea of the Cilento coast, in Italy.

Photograph of a tree overlooking the Cilento coast from Castellabate, in Italy.
Olive fields at sunrise in Albanella, a village on the Cilento Coast in South Italy.

Portofino village at sunset seen from the port.

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