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Southern England

— Fine art travel and landscape photography series done during a road trip of 730 km in southern England.

The idea of this trip was to explore Devon, Somerset and Cornwall with my sister. She normally lives in Australia, but in 2019, she had the opportunity to do a one year exchange at Exeter’s University. As a photographer, I was particularly interested in getting dramatic and moody landscape photographs. England was definitely the right place for that!

Black and white photography of the Dartmoor located near Exeter in England.
« Black Horse »

Dramatic and moody photography of a road crossing the Dartmoor. Image by Jennifer Esseiva.
« Dartmoor Pony »

« Wild Cliffs »

Dramatic and moody landscape photography. Image by Jennifer Esseiva.
« Face aux éléments »

Cloudy and dramatic seascape from the english coast.
« A storm is coming »

« English Sunset »

Newquay beach photography at sunset.
« Newquay »

« Cornwall Sea view »

Photography of a person standing on the beach looking at the sea. Image by Jennifer Esseiva.
« Facing the ocean »

Cloudy seascape from Tingatel castle in England.
« Coast of Cornwall »

« Wild Land »