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Follow your path

—  Landscape and travel photography series featuring images taken since 2012 to present. I took them on different day and location including Switzerland, Bolivia and USA.

During our life, we will all follow different paths that will bring us different experiences. To me, all these images represent perfectly this concept. Depending where you are, different options opens to you. You just need to catch the right one, take the most of it and enjoy it.

Thunder-light falling into Geneva's lake in Switzerland.
« Straight to the thunder storm »

Long time exposure photograph of the Moléson Mountain located in Canton Fribourg in Switzerland.
« To the top of world »

Wide-angle photography of a frozen pontoon of the Lake Neuchâtel in Switzerland, by Swiss artist, Jennifer Esseiva.
« Nature Glacée »

Wide-angle photograph of a road crossing the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia by Jennifer Esseiva.
« To the infinity »

Landscape photograph of Antelope Island located near to Salt Lake City.
« Not the easiest way »

Black and white photograph of a railway going to the Bolivian Altiplano captured by landscape photographer Jennifer Esseiva.
« Take a ride to Bolivia »

« Crossing Death Valley »

Sunrise at Monument Valley, in Utah.
« The road leading to Monument Valley »

Panorama of Monument Valley at sunset, taken by landscape photographer Jennifer Esseiva.
« The road crossing Monument Valley »

Photography of someone paddeling on the Colorado taken from the Horse Shoe Bend view platform by Swiss artiste, Jennifer Esseiva.
« Following the River »

Link to the Etsy Boutique of Jennifer Esseiva to purchase a fine art print of one of her photographs.