Information on cookies and similar technologies

What are we talking about?

This cookie information describes how and why personal and other data is collected, processed and used when using our website, in particular in connection with cookies and similar technologies.

For further information on how we handle personal data, please refer to our data protection declaration.

Who is responsible for processing your personal data?

The company responsible for processing personal data in accordance with this cookie information is Jennifer Esseiva. If you have any questions regarding this cookie information or the processing of your personal data, you can contact the company responsible in this case. This is usually the company that drew your attention to this data protection declaration:

Jennifer Esseiva
Rue de la Savonnerie 9
1020 Renens

What data is stored?

Each time you use our website, certain temporarily stored data is automatically accumulated for technical reasons. This includes the following technical data:

– The IP address of the device making the request,
– Information about your Internet service provider,
– Information about your device’s operating system (tablet, PC, smartphone, etc.),
– Information on the referring URL,
– Information on the browser used,
– Date and time of access,
– The content consulted when visiting the website.

This data is processed in order to enable the use of our website (establishment of connection) and to guarantee its proper functioning, to ensure system security and stability, to enable us to optimize our offering and to compile statistics.

The IP address may also be recorded together with other log data and, where applicable, with other available data in the event of attacks on the IT infrastructure or other potentially unauthorized or abusive use of the website, in order to clarify the situation and defend ourselves, and, where applicable, used in criminal proceedings for identification purposes and to take civil and criminal action against the persons concerned.

What are cookies and similar technologies?

Cookies are files that your browser automatically saves on your device when you visit our website. Cookies include a unique identifier (ID) that enables us to differentiate each visitor from the others, generally without identifying them. Depending on the purpose for which they are used, cookies may contain other information, such as the pages consulted and the time spent on them. We use both session cookies, which are deleted as soon as the browser is closed, and permanent cookies, which remain stored for a certain length of time after the browser is closed (generally between a few days and two years) and are used to recognize visitors on subsequent visits.

We may also use similar technologies such as pixel tags, fingerprints and other technologies to record data in the browser. Pixel tags are small, generally invisible images or program codes that are loaded from a server and thus transmit certain information to the server operator, for example if and when a website has been visited. Fingerprints are information about the configuration of your device or browser, collected when you visit a website and used to differentiate your device from others. Most browsers also use other data storage technologies in browsers, similar to cookies, which we may also use (e.g. “Web Storage”).

How can cookies and similar technologies be disabled?

You can configure your browser settings to block certain cookies or similar technologies, or to delete existing cookies and other stored data. You can also integrate software (“plug-ins”) into your browser that blocks tracking by certain third parties. Further information on this subject can be found on your browser’s help pages (usually under the keyword “data protection”). Please note that the operation of our website may be restricted if you block cookies and similar technologies.

What cookies and similar technologies do we use?

We use the following types of cookies and similar technologies:

Strictly necessary cookies: Strictly necessary cookies are essential for using the website and its functions. These cookies ensure, for example, that you can navigate from page to page without losing information entered in a form or products placed in a shopping cart.

Performance cookies: Performance cookies collect information on how our websites are used and enable us to carry out analyses, for example on which pages are most frequently consulted and how visitors navigate our website. These cookies serve to simplify and speed up the website visit and, overall, to improve user comfort.

Functional cookies : Functional cookies enable us to offer advanced features and display personalized content. These cookies enable us, for example, to save information you have already provided (such as your choice of language) or to show you products you might also like, based on the items you have viewed.

Marketing cookies: Marketing cookies help us and our advertising partners to offer you advertising on our website and those of third parties for products or services that may be of interest to you, or to display our advertisements when you continue to browse the Internet after leaving our website.

How do we use cookies and similar technologies from other companies?

The cookies and/or similar technologies we use may originate from ourselves or from third-party companies, for example when we make use of features provided by third parties. These third-party providers may also be located outside Switzerland and the European Economic Area (EEA), provided that the protection of your personal data is appropriately guaranteed.

For example, we use analytics services to evaluate how you use our website in order to optimize and personalize it. Cookies and similar technologies from third-party providers also enable us to offer you personalized advertising on our website or on other websites and social networks that also collaborate with these third parties, and to measure the effectiveness of advertisements (e.g. whether you arrived at our site via an advertisement and the actions you then take on our site).

In some cases, third-party providers are able to view and record the use of the website in question. These data may be linked by third-party providers to similar information from other websites. In this way, the behavior of individual users can be recorded on several websites and devices. Service providers may use this data for their own purposes, for example to provide personalized advertising on their own websites and on other websites which they supply with advertising. If users are registered with service providers, the latter may link usage data to the person concerned. In this case, they process the personal data themselves, under their own responsibility and in accordance with their own data protection regulations.

Google and Facebook are among the most important third-party service providers. You will find further information about them below. Other third-party providers generally process personal data and other data in the same way.

Google Analytics (including Google Signals), Google Ads and Google Firebase

On many of our websites, we use Google Analytics, an analysis service provided by Google LLC (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA, USA) and Google Ireland Ltd. (Google Building Gordon House, Barrow St, Dublin 4, Ireland; together referred to as “Google”, with Google Ireland Ltd. being responsible for the processing of personal data). Cookies and similar technologies are used to collect certain information about the behavior of individual users on the website concerned and the device (tablet, PC, smartphone, etc.) used in connection with it (e.g. how often you have opened our website, the number of purchases you have made or your areas of interest, as well as data relating to the device you are using, such as the operating system). For further information, please click here.

Google does, however, process certain data for its own purposes and may, under certain circumstances, create cross-device reports with the data of users who have activated personalized advertising (“Google Signals” functionality).

If you are logged in to your Google Account and visit our websites, Google may, under certain circumstances, draw conclusions about the identity of website visitors on the basis of the data collected and thus create personal profiles and link the data obtained to your Google Account. You can find information on Google Analytics data protection here and, if you have a Google account yourself, you can find further information here. Further information on Google Signals can be found here.

Facebook Custom Audiences

Our website may use the “Facebook pixel” and similar technologies from Facebook Ireland Ltd, (4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Ireland (“Facebook”). We use these technologies to display ads ordered by us (Facebook Ads) only to users who have shown interest in us or whose characteristics match those we communicate to Facebook for this purpose (e.g. interest in certain topics or products identifiable through websites visited; “personalized audiences”) on Facebook or at partners who cooperate with Facebook (“audience network”). These technologies also enable us to monitor the effectiveness of Facebook advertisements for statistical and market research purposes, by observing whether users have been “engaged” or not.

How do we use our social media pages?

We may operate our own pages on social networks and similar third-party platforms (e.g. Facebook pages). If you want to communicate with us or comment on or share our content via these pages, we collect the relevant information and process it in accordance with our data protection declaration. We have the right, but not the obligation, to check content before or after publication and to remove content without notice, if technically possible, or to report it to the relevant platform provider. In the event of a breach of the rules of etiquette and behavior, we may also report the user account concerned to the provider for blocking or deletion.

When visiting our social media pages, data (e.g. on your user behavior) may also be transmitted directly to the relevant provider or collected by the latter and processed together with other data already known to it (e.g. for marketing and market research purposes and to personalize platform content). If we are jointly responsible with the service provider for certain processing operations, we will enter into a corresponding agreement. Information on the essential content of this agreement can be obtained from the provider. Further information on data processing can be found at

Changes to this cookie information

The present cookie information may be adapted over time, in particular if we change our data processing operations or if new legal provisions come into force. As a general rule, the version of the cookie information in force at the start of a data processing operation is the version that applies to that data processing operation.

Last modification: 20.08.2023