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Switzerland — Grand St-Bernard

— This series features landscape photographs taken at the Great St. Bernard at sunset. This Alpine pass has always been an important road between Southern and Northern Europe since Roman times.  The pass is open only during summer and usually gets closed in mid-october, before the first snowfall. That Sunday, I was back in Switzerland from Italy when I decided to drive by the pass road. Once I arrived at the top, I was amazed by the warm sunset light. It gave a vibrant gold colour tone to the mountains. What I wanted to capture in this series are the strong shadows, close-ups

Coastal Dream

— This fine art landscape photography series is showcasing images from Greece and Italy. The sea has always attracted my photographer’s eye. I love to see its perpetual movement and hear the sound of the waves. The water colour changes to the rhythm of the light of the day and this is what I want to highlight in this article. To create dreamy coastal images, I am using normal and long exposure either to catch all details of the sea or to erase and make the water look blurry. I hope you will enjoy it! « Corniglia’s Sunset № 1 » « Corniglia’s Sunset № 2 »