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Black & White Horizons

— This photographic series is a visual journey through the American West in black and white. All these photos were taken during a 4’195 km road trip from San Francisco to Salt Lake City, crossing 4 states: California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah. There is a mix of images that perfectly illustrate the imaginary American West, but some were taken on the fly, while driving between one national park and another. This series is made to escape and discover places such as Monument Valley, Grand Staircase Escalante or Antelope Canyon, but also to make you dream. → SHOP FINE ART PRINTS ON

Shades of Death Valley

—  I like the colors of the deserts. When you look closely, you see dozens of different ones. This series presents an emblematic place of Death Valley: Zabriskie Point. It was noon and 44 degrees when I got there. The heat and the sun was overwhelming. But the place and the colors of the rocks were incredible. I found these gradations of browns, beiges, blacks and turquoise so beautiful. You could almost think it was a painting. But it is. Nature is a true artist! « Death Valley’s Shades № 1 » « Death Valley’s Shades № 2 » « Death Valley’s Shades

Elements — Ice Crystal

— When it gets really cold, the lake freezes over, but that hasn’t happened since 2019. We were very lucky this year. When I got there, I wasn’t sure what kind of photos I wanted to take. I wanted to be inspired by the moment and the place. I was quickly drawn to the details of the ice and naturally created this abstract series. I love ice! Just look a few inches further and you discover a new icy landscape. « Ice Crystal № 1 » « Ice Crystal № 2 & 3 » « Ice Crystal № 4 » « Ice Crystal

Magic of Dawn

— This series was made in February 2022 at Lac de Joux in Switzerland. It is the largest lake of the Jura massif. If we are lucky, the lake freezes in winter. Usually it only lasts a few days, so you have to take the opportunity. Furthermore, it did not freeze since 2019, so I couldn’t miss the occasion. Based on the forecast, there was only one Saturday morning that promised a beautiful sunrise. For these photos, I wanted to reflect the magical atmosphere of the dawn, right before sunrise. I love when the cold and warm colours mix up

Elements — Icy Cocoon

— Feeling small in front of Nature, that’s what I felt when I entered the Zinal’s ice cave! It was several years that I dreamed to photograph such a place and here it is! Blue, soft but structured with a high ceiling, simply exceptional. I had to come back three times before reaching my goal. Finally, in January 2022, after more than 2 hours of walking, I finally arrived in front of the cave of the Zinal glacier. I didn’t know where to start my pictures! But I absolutely wanted to make one with my friend, so that we could

Elements — Glacier’s sensation

— This series, of which all the images were taken at the Jungfraujoch Top of Europe, presents the Eiger and Aletsch glaciers. Up there, the icy air takes you to another world! That world at more than 3’000m where eternal snows still exist. I decided to only highlight details because I love the play of contrasts between light and shadows. This creates abstract landscapes where you get lost in the immensity of Nature. From our point of view, we have the impression that this world is like a dream, soft and welcoming. But it is certain that these caves and

Made of Gold

— This series features landscape photographs taken at the Great St. Bernard at sunset. This Alpine pass has always been an important road between Southern and Northern Europe since Roman times.  The pass is open only during summer and usually gets closed in mid-october, before the first snowfall. That Sunday, I was back in Switzerland from Italy when I decided to drive by the pass road. Once I arrived at the top, I was amazed by the warm sunset light. It gave a vibrant gold colour tone to the mountains. What I wanted to capture in this series are the strong shadows, close-ups

Coastal Dream

— This fine art landscape photography series is showcasing images from Greece and Italy. The sea has always attracted my photographer’s eye. I love to see its perpetual movement and hear the sound of the waves. The water colour changes to the rhythm of the light of the day and this is what I want to highlight in this article. To create dreamy coastal images, I am using normal and long exposure either to catch all details of the sea or to erase and make the water look blurry. I hope you will enjoy it! « Corniglia’s Sunset № 1 » « Corniglia’s Sunset № 2 »

Light of Western America

—  This fine art landscape photography series of Western America is all about light and includes Yosemite, Sequoia Forest, Monument Valley and Grand Staircase National Parks. What I love in landscape photography is to play with natural light. You can go ten times at the same spot but at different hours and you will get a different place. I love to enjoy the first lights of the day because it is a time between me and nature. The colours are always stunning and when the sunlight hit me, I can feel the warm. I love it. What I like at sunset

Asian spirit

—  In this photography series, you will discover another side of my photography art. Since a decade now, my dad lives in Singapore and since 5 years, my sister is in Sydney. As we are a globe trotteur family, we travelled a lot together to explore to explore a lot of asian countries such as Burma, South Korean, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Bali. This series showcases my favorite images taken between 2010 and 2019. Asia is indescribable, you have to feel it. Each country has its own rules, culture, colours, smell and food. Everywhere you go people are very welcoming