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Northen Italy & Dolomites

Capturing Northern Italy’s Majesty: Exploring the Dolomites from Lago di Braies to High Peaks

Landscape photography enthusiasts flock to Northern Italy and the Dolomites, a haven for capturing stunning natural vistas. Among the treasures of this region lies Lago di Braies, renowned for its bewitching turquoise waters.

During my visit in November, the landscape showcased a delicate balance between autumn and winter. Snow-capped peaks contrasted with trees adorned in shades of yellow and orange, offering a picturesque scene.

Exploring further north, I stumbled upon the magnificent Anterselva lake, though not part of the Dolomites, its beauty captivated me. The discreet charm combined with the mesmerizing light provided an ideal setting for capturing breathtaking sunrise photographs.

Aerial view over the Snake Road in the Dolomites, located on the Passo Giau road.

No visit to the region would be complete without witnessing the iconic Chiesetta di San Giovanni in Ranui. Nestled on the forest’s edge against a backdrop of towering mountains, this picturesque landscape left me utterly spellbound.