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Chile, from Atacama to Patagonia

Chile, a land of striking contrasts, unfolds its breathtaking panorama across 4,000 kilometers, encompassing diverse landscapes within Latin America. Embarking on a 3-week photographic journey through this remarkable country, my Nikon camera, Arthur, captured the essence of its varied terrains, weaving a visual tapestry of emotions and poetic beauty.

My trip started by crossing the country by bus from Santiago de Chile to Chiloé. While the hours were passing, the scenery underweent a transformative shift from arid sands to lush forests. Puerto Varas, nestled in the northern reaches of Patagonia, introduces the majestic Osorno volcano, adorned in a pristine coat of snow. In less than a day, the experience transforms, creating the illusion of stepping into two distinct worlds.

The enchanting Chiloé Island follows, where marine charm and verdant landscapes, sculpted by Pacific winds, evoke the wild beauty of Ireland. Each image captures the resilience of these hard, green expanses.

In the heart of the desert lies the quaint village of San Pedro de Atacama, a gateway to the vastness of the Atacama Desert and the mystical Valley of the Moon. Here, the desert reveals itself in a myriad of orange hues, a spectacle that evolves through the day. At sunrise, the Geysers del Tatio cast a golden glow, while the Miscanti Lagoon unfolds its mesmerizing blues as the day progresses.

The grand finale of my expedition led me to the legendary Easter Island, home to the iconic Moais. As a surprising epilogue, the presence of free-spirited wild horses graced my lens, a testament to the untamed spirit of this captivating land.