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Countryside of Switzerland

A mesmerizing night landscape photo capturing the pink hues of the northern lights in Switzerland, snapped at the Marchairuz Pass in the Canton of Vaud, near Lausanne. This skillfully taken image is courtesy of Swiss artist Jennifer Esseiva.

Switzerland is famous for its mountains, but perhaps less so for its Swiss countryside. As a landscape photographer based in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, I wanted to photograph the area around my home, and in particular the countryside, whether under the snow or the pink skies of the aurora borealis in May 2024.

A stunning night landscape photograph capturing pink northern lights in Switzerland, taken at the Marchairuz Pass in the Canton of Vaud, near Lausanne.

Through this series, you can discover the enchanting landscapes of the Swiss plains of the Vaud and Fribourg cantons. Fog is an integral part of the Swiss countryside. Often, in the early hours of autumn, the villages wake up in the morning mist.

A captivating landscape photograph of a lonely tree atop a hill in Switzerland, Canton Fribourg. The majestic Swiss Alps loom in the background under a dramatic sky. Photo taken with the Nikon Z8.

All seasons are beautiful in Switzerland. Sometimes the farmhouses of the Gruyère region are covered in snow, sometimes they are set against a bright green backdrop with the Moléson mountain range in the background.