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Borðoy & Viðoy, Faroe Islands

Journey Through the Northern Isles: Capturing the Dramatic Beauty of Borðoy & Viðoy in the Faroe Islands
A woman sitting on the edge of the cliff looking out over the panorama from Klakkur mountain.

Explore a captivating visual narrative amidst the untamed beauty of Borðoy and Viðoy, the Northern Islands’ gems in the Faroe archipelago. This collection of stunning landscape photography, captured in a single day, reveals a story of rugged beauty, dramatic skies, and the untouched essence of these remote wonders. Immerse yourself in the raw allure of these landscapes through my lens.

Borðoy, home to Klaksvík, the archipelago’s second-largest town, is renowned for its epic nature scenes, notably the panoramic views from Klakkur mountain. Witness the majesty of the pyramid-shaped Kunoy island and Kalsoy, adorned by the iconic Kallur Lighthouse, all visible from the summit.

Panoramic view of the Faroe Islands of Kunoy and Bordoy from Kallur Mountain.
Aerial view of the village of Húsar in the Faroe Islands.

Viðoy, the northernmost gem, offers a journey starting from Klaksvík. As you traverse the kilometers, the landscapes transform into desolate yet breathtaking vistas. Tiny villages nestled against towering mountains, cascading waterfalls into narrow fjords, and the ever-dramatic Northern Isles skies create scenes reminiscent of another era.

Experience the poetic allure of the Faroe Islands’ Northern Isles through my lens, where every photograph encapsulates the emotions and grandeur of this northern paradise.

Kalsoy and Kunoy islands under a curtain of rain, seen from Kallur mountain.
Panoramic and dramatic view of the surrounding islands from Mount Klakkur in the Faroe Islands.
River flowing from the village of Viðareiði to the ocean, on the island of Viðoy.
Long exposure time for Viðareiði Church, on the island of Viðoy.