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Faroe Islands — Borðoy & Viðoy

A woman sitting on the edge of the cliff looking out over the panorama from Klakkur mountain.
Kalsoy and Kunoy islands under a curtain of rain, seen from Kallur mountain.

The northern Islands of Borðoy & Viðoy

— This area of the archipelago is usually referred to as the Northern Islands. The two islands are relatively small and this series of landscapes were taken on the same day.

On the island of Borðoy is Klaksvík, the 2nd largest town on the Faroe Islands. But Borðoy is known for its epic nature scenery from Klakkur mountain, which can be reached directly from the town. At the top, you can see several islands, including the famous pyramid-shaped Kunoy island and Kalsoy, home to the Kallur Lighthouse.

Viðoy is the most northerly island in the archipelago. The starting point for getting there is Klaksvík, and as the kilometres go by, the landscapes become more desolate but are still breathtakingly beautiful. There are tiny villages set against the backdrop of high mountains. Everywhere, waterfalls cascade into the narrow fjords and the cloudy skies lend a dramatic atmosphere to these scenes from another time.

Panoramic view of the Faroe Islands of Kunoy and Bordoy from Kallur Mountain.
Aerial view of the village of Húsar in the Faroe Islands.
Panoramic and dramatic view of the surrounding islands from Mount Klakkur in the Faroe Islands.
River flowing from the village of Viðareiði to the ocean, on the island of Viðoy.
Long exposure time for Viðareiði Church, on the island of Viðoy.