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Faroe Islands — Kasloy

Panorama of the island of Kalsoy and the Kallur Lighthouse under a dark and dramatic sky.
View of the highest peak, shrouded in fog, on Kalsoy Island from Kallur Lighthouse.

Kalsoy Island, home of Kallur Lighthouse

— The long island of Kalsoy is home to one of the Faroe Islands’ most iconic landmarks. The scenery surrounding the Kallur lighthouse is spectacular. The 360° view from the summit takes in the islands of Viðoy and Eysturoy. Small, discreet and set on the northern tip of the island, it is surrounded by steep cliffs covered in layers of grass.

It’s quite a long walk to get there. On the day I went up, the fog enveloped the whole landscape and I only discovered the lighthouse a few metres before I reached it.

Once at the top, whipped up by the wind, the fog dissipated to make way for a dramatic overcast sky and open up a spectacular view of the surrounding islands. Below me, I could hear the waves crashing against the rocks. The height of the cliffs is almost vertiginous. Suffering from vertigo, this hike was a real challenge for me. I had to be close to the cliffs to capture the most beautiful images that this mythical place has to offer.

It’s an extraordinary landscape, where everything seems small and big at the same time. The clouds move quickly and the light changes every few minutes. A photographer’s paradise!

The Kallur lighthouse under a cloudy and dramatic sky standing  on the cliffs.
A person walks along the cliffs on the island of Kalsoy to reach the Kallur lighthouse.
Panoramic photo of the Kallur lighthouse on the northern tip of the island of Kalsoy.
Dramatic landscape of the islands of Kalsoy and Eysturoy.
Dramatic vieew of the island of Kalsoy under a dark and dramatic sky.
Misty and moody landscape of the Faroe Islands seen from the Kallur Lighthouse.
The rugged, craggy landscape of the Faroe Islands.
A lone sheep facing the island of Kunoy, in the Faroe Islands.