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Faroe Islands — Vágar

Drangarnir sea stacks seen from Vágar Island in the Faroes.

The waterfall Bøsdalafossur is falling in the ocean, coming from a lake called "The Lake Above the Ocean" in the Faroe islands.

Vágar Island and its rugged landscapes

—  Located in the North Atlantic, the Faroe Islands are equidistant from Scotland and Iceland. Vágar is the 3rd largest island and lies between the island of Mykines to the west and the island of Streymoy to the east.

This series of photographs takes you on a visual journey through the pristine and wild landscapes of the island of Vágar. Offering some of the country’s most emblematic places, Vágar is also the island that hosts the archipelago’s only airport. From the air, one can already appreciate the raw beauty of the steep cliffs, waterfalls and mountains.

I take you on a journey through my photos to discover the village of Gásadalur and its waterfall Múlafossur, the lake above the ocean also called Leitisvatn / Sørvágsvatn, its waterfall Bøsdalafossur which flows into the sea, Trøllkonufingur, which means the witch’s finger, a monolith of 313m high and Drangarnir, one of the most famous views of the archipelago.

Múlafossur Waterfall in the village of Gásadalur, on the island of Vágar.
Panorama of the island of Vagar in the Faroe Islands under a cloudy and dramatic sky.
Panorama of Vagar Island in the Faroe Islands.
The legendary rock named Trøllkonufingur in the Faroe Islands.
View of the village of Gasaldur in the Faroe Islands.
Small waterfall falling from a mountain in the Faroe Islands.