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Lights from the North

Photo of a person under an aurora borealis on the island of Streymoy, Faroe Islands.
Aurora borealis above the black sandy beach of Tjornuvik in the Faroe Islands.

Northern lights from Lapland and Faroe Islands

The northern lights have always fascinated me and it was a dream of mine to photograph one. It was during a trip to Swedish Lapland that I saw my first aurora borealis under a full moon. It was a magical moment.

It was in the Faroe Islands, in April 2023, that I was lucky enough to see two more northern lights. The first lasted several hours, so we were able to go and see it at different locations on the islands of Eysturoy and Streymoy.

The second took place the evening before we left, just outside our house. We’d finished packing and I’d already put my tripod and camera away in preparation for our departure the next morning. But as soon as I saw the lights in the sky, I went out with my friend and we tried to take a photo with him wearing his yellow jacket!

Purple and green aurora borealis over the Faroe Islands.
Aurora borealis above the sea, photographed in the village of Eidi in the Faroe Islands.
Photo d'une aurore boréale verte.
Landscape photography of a northern light in Lapland.