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Terceira Island, Azores

Capturing Terceira’s Timeless Beauty: A Landscape Photographer’s Paradise in the Azores
Aerial view of the volcanoes on the island of Terceira.

Unlock the secrets of Terceira Island, an Azorean gem, through a captivating series of landscape photography. Immerse yourself in the enchanting blend of professionalism, emotion, and artistry that unfolds through my lens.

Terceira, aptly known as “The Lilac Island,” is a captivating part of the Portuguese Azores archipelago, nestled in the Atlantic Ocean. Shaped by volcanic forces, this island showcases four majestic peaks, with the dormant Santa Bárbara volcano soaring to a breathtaking 1021 meters, offering panoramic vistas that extend to the distant Pico Island.

The Algar do Carvão is an ancient lava tunnel in the center of the island of Terceira.

Journey with me through Terceira’s splendid forests, a haven tailor-made for landscape photography enthusiasts. Explore my favorite, the black forest along the Misterios Negros hike, located at the island’s core. Here, small moss-covered trees create a mysterious ambiance, inviting you to delve into the hidden narratives woven within the luxuriant foliage.

Sunset from the Miradouro da Serra do Cume overlooking the patchwork fields of the island of Terceira.

Diverging from the landscapes of the Faroe Islands, Terceira unveils itself as a versatile paradise for discerning landscape photographers. Beyond captivating forests and volcanic wonders, the island reveals patchwork fields, an artistic tapestry particularly visible from the iconic Serra do Cume viewpoint.

One person watches the huge waves crashing against the volcanic coast of an island in the Azores.

Embark on this visual odyssey where each photograph captures the emotive resonance of Terceira’s landscapes. From tranquil seascapes to intricate details unveiled through long exposure techniques, join me in celebrating the multifaceted charm of this Azorean paradise—a seamless convergence of natural allure and artistic expression. Explore the hidden depths of Terceira through the lens of a passionate travel photographer, as nature’s poetry comes to life in every frame.

Photograph of an old tree covered in moss of the Misterios Negros woods on the island of Terceira.
Photograph of the patchwork fields of Terceira Island in the Azores.
Long exposure of the seashore and waves on the island of Terceira, in the Azores.
Purple hydrangea bush on the island of Terceira in the Azores.